Support Groups

Why attend a group? How can a group help?

GROUPS are one of the STEPPING STONES to help you reach the bridge over the river of grief and confusion that threatens to engulf you. From a bridge you can look down on the grief from a safe place, and then cross over.

  • Relief from isolation – be with people who know what you have gone through and are currently experiencing.
  • A place to tell your story… again and again… when others don’t understand why you must repeat the story.
  • Freedom to express negative feeling – when others may get upset when you say angry or negative things.
  • Freedom to have a smile, even a laugh, with people who share the pain you are experiencing and may welcome a chance to occasionally smile too.
  • Returning to Group for consecutive sessions lets you recognize growth (or the lack of growth) in yourself and in others.
  • You see, reflected in others, the fact that life can and often does get better.
  • You can learn and/or share skills, ideas, and coping techniques.
  • Your story and your example will help others not to feel so alone.
  • Helping others, helps you as well.
  • We have events, group projects, speakers, and sometimes food at group meetings. Believe it or not, such meetings can be enjoyable.

We offer two group meetings each month:

First Wednesday

First Wednesday of every month

6pm – 8pm

Second Saturday

Second Saturday of every month

1pm – 3pm

Both meetings are at our Albuquerque office:

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10701 Lomas NE, Suite 118


We offer around-the-state outreach via cooperating organizations.

In addition to our local victims’ assistance we are working to establish a relationship with compatible organizations in other parts of the state to facilitate our mission there. We will provide them with educational material in a variety of formats including printed brochures, CDs and DVDs (some in Spanish) and devices with Internet connectivity, including video conferencing capability, to connect groups and individuals with our local resources.