I do feel less hopeless knowing that at least you heard my voice, and that of my family.

I really appreciate the service you and your organization are providing. You are an asset to our society.

2018Son of Victim

It was so great to see you in action doing what you do best. You offer such kind support and important information to the families that you serve.Grant Administrator

Thank you for all that you do for us! Our families are in a much stronger place with you all in our lives. ❤️. Angels on earth.Sister of Victim

Thanks for being so prompt in getting back with me. You’ve been a real encourager. The information is so helpful. Your support is invaluable! 2018
Mother of Victim

Joan Shirley is truly a guiding angel! She has been a great resource, but most of all a GREAT LIFESAVER. She has been with us on our journey’s every step of the way. She navigates us through these dark tunnels because she herself knows what it is to walk in our shoes.Sister of Victim

Thank you for the tireless and compassionate work you do on behalf of victims – and survivors – of crime. They need tremendous assistance in time of tragedy. Your role is crucial to their great need. Thank you.Bertrand R. Parnall, Attorney at Law

Thank you for all that you have done for the TR family.Det. Ida Lopez – APD

I am thankful for the services that Joan and Pat provide to the victims in NM. I hear nothing but positive feedback about the work you all do.Francine Garcia – Victim Services, NM Corrections Dept.

It looks like the group is really growing in concept and outreach. I’m impressed.Kerry Arquette – Denver PD Victim Advocate

The light you placed there (on the grave site) will shine in my own heart as well as my daughter’s.Mother of Victim

As I suffer the loss of my only child here in Virginia… thank you for talking with me, trying to get me to breathe, and feel this mess called grief. Thank you for the newsletters which help me and I share them with others.Mother of Victim

I have the utmost confidence that you can help me. Thanks very much for everything that you have done to date.Anonymous

You provide a calm, safe place to cry and groups are so helpful.Anonymous

The home visit saved my life… I couldn’t get into the office and you came to me – I was at the end of my rope.Anonymous

Thanks for getting me into the group meetings and for letting me attend by telephone conference.Anonymous

Thank you for the newsletters and messages from your group. I appreciate receiving them – it is nice to feel like someone cares.Anonymous

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